Theale Play Area Committee, annual general meeting.

This was held @ 19:30 on 06/05/2010 in the Panborough Inn unfortunately, due to our political masters choosing that same day for a General Election, the only people that attended were Duncan Craig (chairman), Gail Millard (treasurer), Kate Cumberlidge (health & safety) and Nick Avery (WPC representative) although apologies were received from Julia Skinner and Vanessa Becker-Hughes.

The Chairman reported that following some concerns expressed in the annual safety audit, commissioned by Wedmore Parish Council, two of the “rocking toys” have been replaced with suitable equivalents that have a longer working life. Other concerns in the report   e.g. hedge encroachment will be addressed later in the year, after fledglings have flown, by Wedmore PC.

The Treasurer reported that despite paying £1700 for the replacement “rocking toys” there remains over a thousand pounds in the Play Area accounts.

In the absence of any other nominees Duncan Craig agreed to remain as chairman for another year, Gail Millard agreed to remain as treasurer, Kate Cumberlidge agreed to continue to act as the Play Area health & safety inspector and Nick Avery agreed to act as (very, very) temporary secretary until an alternative could be found!

As there were no specific items on the agenda a wide ranging discussion ensued during which it was agreed that:

1) The play area and equipment was in good order requiring no immediate action by the committee and what work was required was already in hand.

2) Although there was money in the bank, action was required to generate additional funds in order to allow further improvements, replacements or maintenance of the play area. (Wedmore Harvest Home and Beer Festival both give small grants to local causes to enhance local amenities and could be approached.)

3) Additional committee members should be sought in order to maintain/generate interest within Theale in order to enhance the experience the play area offers to Theale children. (Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if willing to join the committee {especially as secretary}.) It was hoped that in this fashion new ideas would be forthcoming that the Play Area committee could use as projects for fundraising activities.

4) The concept of identifying “Friends of Theale Play Area” was discussed i.e. people prepared to help with annual maintenance, e.g. painting the play area benches, but not wishing to become full committee members. Several local residents were identified as possibly willing to help in one or more of these roles.

5) Some concern was expressed (also at the Parish Council) about the planting of perennials just outside the play area fence. These plants,
although pleasing in appearance, may produce harmful fruits that could endanger unwary children. (This will be checked out.) In addition in
future years they could impede the existing clear view of the play area, which may have other safety repercussions, and might encourage
inappropriate behaviour by older children. (Not an insurmountable problem.)

It was agreed that the next AGM would be held on the 1st Thursday after the May Day Bank Holiday,
2011 and that the next committee meeting would be called when deemed necessary, but in any case
before the next AGM.

So you see joining the Theale Play Area committee as a member is not an arduous task and requires relatively little of your
time for the foreseeable future, even less as a Theale Play Area friend! There is room within the Play Area for additional/different
facilities but some input of what youngsters might safely enjoy would be appreciated. Most of the existing committee members children
have outgrown the Play Area so new members with younger children would be especially welcome. There is a Play Area elsewhere in Wedmore Parish that no longer has a management committee, as a consequence it is slowly deteriorating something we would not want to see happen to Theale Play Area.                

Nick Avery



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