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Theale Film Club & Membership Offer 2017

Theale Film Club shows a range of popular films monthly at Theale Village Hallusing our new High Definition wide srceen projector.  It's also a chance to socialise with other film-goers from the village!

We started in 2014 and have more than 60 members to date.  Annual membership to see all our films shown in Theale Village Hall in 2017 is a single membership fee for the year of £16 per person.  To see at least 12 films during the year that's really good value!

As we go through the year,  the membership fee to 31st December reduces pro-rata quarterly.  So join between July and August and the fee is £8, join after September and the fee becomes £4.

As a Member,  there's no money to pay at the door nor do you have to book.  Non members can still see our films but have to pay £4 per person at the door for temporary day membership.

To join Theale film Club (or renew for 2017) simply fill out this online form or call Membership Secretary Phil Butterworth on 712775 and send £16  per person by either:
  1. Paying online from your bank Account to Theale Film Club LLoyds Bank 30-98-28 00017872, quoting your surname(s)
  2. Sending a cheque made payable to Theale Amateur Recreational & Theatrical Society ** for the amount due, to Phil Butterworth, Bennetts Cottage, Latcham, Wedmore BS28 4SD

Once you've signed up we'll confirm your membership.

We're planning the following films through to September 2017,  when we'll have another wine-tasting session to decide for the remainder of the year:

  • 23rd April: "Eye in the sky" starring Helen Mirren, the late Alan Rickman in his last film and a very sexy lethal drone.........
  • 21st May: "The Viceroy's House" starring Hugh Bonneville as Earl Mountbatten and ably supported by Gillian Anderson with a cut glass accent so sharp, she can slash knicker-elastic at 1,000 paces....
  • 18th June: Members Classic Comedy choice - you can vote for one of "Hot Fuzz", "Monty Python's The Life of Brian" or "Some Like it hot" - click here to vote
  • 16th July: "Sully" starring Tom Hanks and a slightly damp now second-hand Airbus A320 after he landed it in the Hudson River......
  • 20th August: "Zootropolis" - one of those new-fangled ultra-realistic live action animation.  It's actually very good and funny,  really.
  • 17th September:  Members Sci-Fi Choice - you can vote for one of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "2001 A Space Odyssey", or "Blade Runner"

Bring your own drinks but we also sell delicious choc-ices on the night and you get free pop-corn!!  Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you in 2017!


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