Theale Oil Group - what's it all about?

It's a not-for-profit village heating oil bulk order buying scheme that operates 3 times a year during the first week in July, November and February.

Most oil group members donate the savings they make using the group scheme to Theale Village Hall,  but you are under absolutely no obligation to do so.

First you need to join the oil group,  by completing the registration form, t hen you simply order using the online form available during buying months.

You can place your order request online on this website - the order form will only be available during the ordering time and,  if you've ordered before,  I'll email or call you to let you know that ordering has begun,  otherwise look out for the notification on the website..  An email receipt will always be sent to confirm your order request.  

If you don't have internet access you can call David on 713176 and he will take your order request.

When we have gathered the orders we then call a number of oil delivery companies to gain the best price per litre for the bulk purchase.

Deliveries are often made within the week of the order being placed, however it can be longer - it is suggested that after the orders have been taken you check this site and I will announce which company is doing the group delivery together with their phone number and if you wish to know when your delivery is going to turn up (say for example you have to have a garage door open or unlocked or you wish to be in when they deliver) or you are really low in oil....... you can call them and get a delivery date direct from them.

Sometimes when the orders are taken people are unsure exactly how much oil they require, perhaps the oil tank is covered in brambles or your electronic dipstick is not very accurate. In these cases please estimate how much you require - you will only be billed for what you have delivered, but we do need a figure from you to enable me to calculate the estimated grand total. You can of course order a 'top up' so you can take advantage of the cheaper price and have your tank filled to the top - again,  we will require an estimated amount.

The oil group handles no payments whatsoever, all invoices are sent direct to the householder and the terms are usually 7 days, but may differ each time - so if you are unsure please ask.

Most oil suppliers now ask for payment up front,  so expect a call from them to pay before delivery.

If you want to donate some or all of your savings to Theale Village Hall (on whose behalf the scheme is run),  just make a cheque payable to "Theale Village Hall" and send it or drop in to Vanessa Becker-Hughes at Wood Farm Theale.



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